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What Secret Garden parents, past and present, have to say...

The Secret Garden Playschool is our household name. We have had the pleasure of having our 3 daughters attend the school.  Our first daughter is already in High School. Abby and her team of staff are welcoming and have the secret recipe to creating a loving home away from home environment in which children thrive and grow. Their free play, crafts and work that they do at school is so different to anywhere else.  It creates a balance and grounding for children that they thrive in.  Teaching children

to be themselves and explore and live in a fantasy world that allows my daughters to play freely for hours on end without having to be coerced into being ‘entertained’. 25 Years is testament to Abby and her teams ability to create a grounding for children in their formative years.

Nicole Herbst-Morah

I feel so grateful for my serendipitous discovery of the Waldorf-inspired Secret Garden Playschool. Our son thrived during his 3 years with Abby and her team.


He loved going to school and benefited from the spacious garden and loving freedom. He brought home gorgeous artwork, beadwork and sewing. These crafts all contributed to his quick and easy ability to learn to write at ‘big’ school...the music and singing ‘taught’ him how to count and helped him grasp maths easily. And the physical movement and freedom made him a happy, well-adjusted child. He is excelling at school now and this is in large part due to the nurturing and empowering environment at the Secret Garden.


Our daughter also loved her nursery school and wanted to stay forever. The Waldorf-inspired environment has stimulated her love for letters, numbers, reading, singing and drawing. The children also learn to practice kindness and empathy, sharing and caring. The environment is nurturing, loving, kind and consistent. I believe that the Secret Garden is the best learning environment for any little person.

Alison Lyle

The secret garden playschool is a hidden gem in the heart of Bryanston. The team of educators are amazing people with a love, passion and dedication for children. They have a healthy approach to learning through play and song that allows your child to thrive and develop at their own pace. The nurturing family atmosphere allows your child to experience a sense of belonging and security. It is the most wonderful place and we are so grateful that our daughter is a part of this school.  


Kate Glossop

Our three children attended the Secret Garden from when the eldest was 1,5 years. The Secret Garden has been our home away from home throughout this time. We have shared joy, laughter and there was always a place where someone would listen to our insecurities as parents. From the bottom of our hearts, we recommend the Secret Garden to everybody. It is an environment where your child has the opportunity to grow and flourish whilst feeling safe and cared for. I believe the Secret Garden and all of its staff has contributed to our three kids being who they are now, of which we are very proud.


Silvana Claassen

All 3 of my children went to SGPS and I absolutely loved it, it is the most nurturing and 'full of love' place I have encountered. The staff are all about teaching kids compassion, self regulation and just how to be good human beings. Each child is truly ‘seen’ and we loved the lack of pressure and formalities, it was like a home from home and we miss it like mad!


Pippa Leenstra

We have a nine year age gap between our two children, with our older son who is now 13 we ran the mill in terms of schools and can tell parents what to avoid. Our younger daughter who is now four years old and at the Secret Garden allows us to tell you that your child really needs to go to this school. Love, caring, family and a wholesome approach to growing deep roots for our children so that they can become strong trees later in life is the ethos of this school. 

Robin Meisel

8 years ago, our little girl Erin, joined the Secret Garden playschool at the age of 2 years and 8 months. From the very first day, and everyday thereafter, she so happily kissed me goodbye and entered her joy filled space, at the Secret Garden playschool. 


 There was never a day where she was sad to go to school, or cried on saying goodbye. To me, that was a testament to the wonderfully safe, nurturing and joyful environment you created for the children. 


You managed to instill both in your staff and parents, a sense of comfort and assurance of safety that the childrens' hearts were in Gods' hands with you. The respect and connection that you gave to my child, fundamentally nourished her experience of herself. That foundation stood firm, and continues to hold my Erin in everything she succeeds at today in her life. She has a wonderful sense of self, imagination and creativity, this I believe was ignited in the precious classrooms at the Secret Garden. Your wonderful story telling  ignited my childs' passion for reading, and continues to inspire her today. 


Your life long experience with children in an honorable, child lead environment,  certainly provided guidance, direction and alternative choice, to me as a mother.


I will be forever grateful to you and your special team of teachers whom you lead so beautifully in creating such a wonderful place for children to have their first experience of school. 


Thank you Abby, you live in our hearts forever.

Susi Baird

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