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Our school caters for children aged 12 months (walking age) – up to 5/6 years


Children are divided into 3 classes :


  • Rainbow Class (Youngest toddlers – up to 3 years)

  • Moonlight Class (3 years – up to 4 years)

  • Sunbeam Class (4 years – up to 5/6 years)






Drop off time :


07:00 – 08:25

School activities begin at 08:30


Breakfast is served until 08:30.


Before your child’s first day of school an orientation and handover will be conducted – we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for this.


Collection time : 


12:00 - 12:30  for Rainbow Class

12:30 - 13:00 for Moonlight and Sunbeam Class


Children not collected by 13:00 will automatically be signed up for Extended Care (fees applicable) where they will be given lunch


Children not collected by 13:30 will automatically be signed up for After Care (fees applicable) and go to rest/have quiet play until 15:00 with the Aftercare children.



12:00 - 12:30    Collection time for Half day Children

12:30 - 13:00    Aftercare & Extended care – Cooked Lunch & Juice / Water

13:00                Rest Time (Afternoon Sleep / Quiet Play)

14:30                Wake up slowly & Snack time (Sandwiches/Biscuits & Juice/Water)

15:00                Indoor / Outside Play

16:00                Activity (Puzzle, drawing, play dough, beading)

17:30                SCHOOL CLOSES


Any children who are collected or remain after 17:30 pm will incur a late fee of R150 per half an hour or part thereof.





Dates are subject to change but in this event clear communications will occur.


Holiday Care will be offered in the first 1 or 2 weeks of the July & December holidays subject to demand. This will be arranged and communicated in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Holiday care incurs an additional cost.


2020 Term Dates

Term 2:       


These dates are subject to change

 08 Jul  (Wednesday)  –  15 Dec (Tuesday)      Mid Term Break :     23 September (Wednesday) – 29 September (Tuesday)


School is closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.


*Please Note : Should a public holiday fall on a Thursday or a Tuesday, school will be closed on the Friday or Monday in between.




The school is fitted with panic buttons and we are connected to ADT-Fidelity & ER24 at all times. Our groundsmen have Walkie Talkies and are able to communicate with one another regarding security throughout the school day.




We request that a simple and nutritious mid-morning snack be sent with

your child each day along with a water bottle.


NB: No Sweets, chips, chocolates, fizzy drinks or general junk food.


We encourage our pupils to bring water to school instead of sweet drinks.


Diluted fruit juice & fresh fruit are provided by the school.





Please dress pupils in play clothes which won’t restrict their movements or activities e.g. long dresses. Correct footwear is very important as their gross-motor development is restricted through inappropriate footwear such as slip-slops, platform soles or high heels. Toys from home are not to be brought to school please.




A school birthday celebration happens either on the child’s birthday or as close to it as possible. Parents are invited to join us for the birth story and celebration on the pre-arranged date.




Regular attendance and punctuality should be encouraged. If a child is regularly absent, they fall out of the rhythm of the class and it can be difficult to regain this comfort. Parents are requested, if at all possible, to plan their holidays according to our calendar.



Covid-19 Protocols currently apply. Below is our usual school policy.


Our school has an extremely strict illness policy. If a child is brought to school and they are deemed to be unwell, or a contagious risk to other children and staff, they will be turned away from school or a parent/guardian will be called to collect them. Ill children will be taken to the sick room until they are collected so that they can rest and not be a contagious risk to other children.


A few indications that a child should not come to school :


A fever, an aggravated wet/dry cough, a tight chest, a snotty nose showing signs of infection (green/yellow mucous),

an unexplained rash, vomiting, diarrhea etc.


When children are returning to school after having a communicable disease, such as influenza, lice, chicken pox or measles etc, a doctor’s note is required to ensure that the child is no longer contagious.


First Aid


All of our Staff are fully trained in CPR and First Aid.  In the event that a child need additional medical attention during school hours the child will be taken to Sandton Clinic’s Emergency Ward should parents or guardians not be contactable, or as the Teachers see fit.




  1. Teachers / Staff will only administer homeopathic medicine, to help strengthen and rebuild a child’s immune system following an illness.  General over the counter drugs will not be administered.

  2. Absolutely NO medicines are to be placed in children’s bags under any circumstances.

  3. Should your child require chronic medication, such as for asthma, formal arrangements must be made and additional documentation will be required – please contact the office to make these arrangements.




We need a firm commitment from parents to pay fees timeously in order for us to meet our own strict financial deadlines. As education costs are rising steeply, parents are urged to budget ahead for these important expenses.


Please ensure that you are familiar with and comfortable with our Fees before enrolling your child.





Communication between parents and teachers is greatly encouraged. Teacher are available for parent meetings between 13:00 and 14:30 each day by appointment.


Lists such as class contacts, birthdays as well as regular news updates and reminders will be sent via whatsapp and email. Important reminders will also be written on the white board outside your child’s classroom.





A minimum of two full calendar month’s written notice is required when a child is leaving the school.





A positive and open relationship with fluid communication between a child’s teacher, school and home is in his/her best interests.


The Secret Garden Playschool teachers have your child’s best interest at heart at all times and demonstrating parental support for the teacher is valuable to your child’s well being.



Where possible, we aim to recognize and attend to any potential learning difficulties before your child’s entry into Grade 0/R.  Occasionally a professional assessment may be required to provide a child with the specialized assistance they need. Parents and Teachers will communicate in depth should your child’s teachers feel that this is necessary.



When your child joins the school, please ensure that the following items are brought and left at school for the year:


  1. 2 changes of clothing (a warm and a cool set please)

  2. 1 sun hat

  3. 1 long apron

  4. 1 hand towel (no bath towels please)

  5. 1 face cloth

  6. 1 plastic bag

  7. 1 drawstring bag for all of the above (small bags please as hanging space is limited)

  8. 6 large boxes of tissues are required each year. These can be supplied as 3 boxes each term, being January & July or all 6 boxes in January.

  9. One pack of correctly sized nappies for children in the Rainbow class

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