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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Guardians

Our Playschool started in 1994 with Waldorf inspired roots and an important purpose; to give each child who joins us, a rich, beautiful and natural environment to grow in, one in which they can be loved and treasured for who they are, allowing them to be a child as they learn through happiness and peace. 


Over the past 29 years, lifestyles have changed dramatically and the needs of children have evolved. We now draw our inspiration from the best of Waldorf, Montessori and mainstream curriculums. Our unique blend of educational styles will engage your child mentally, emotionally and physically -  enabling them to absorb learning at a very deep level and to prepare them for their journey through life with confidence and strength.

​Our children experience a morning of rhythm, filled with song, rhyme, verse and storytelling, giving them a rich foundation in language, as well as cultivating their worlds of fantasy and imagination. Each child experiences creativity through activities of watercolour painting, free hand drawing, beeswax modelling, beading, sewing, playdough and baking, all within a small group, allowing their individuality to unfold. Through repetition and encouragement, children are gently given the tools to cope socially, while also growing their ability to be mindful and caring of themselves, one another and their surroundings.

Within their small classes, our teachers have the ability to give individual attention to each child, encouraging their confidence and self-worth. This allows their emotional well-being to grow, while the child absorbs the appropriate intellectual stimulation offered to them.


Celebrations of the seasons run throughout our annual curriculum, and through all our activities, children learn colours, recognition of shapes and simple maths foundation, while simultaneously refining their fine motor skills. Through movement and outdoor free play, each child happily masters and strengthens their gross motor ability.


This is the strong foundation that The Secret Garden Playschool takes pride and joy in giving to each child, preparing them in mind, body and soul for the rest of their school journey and beyond into their adult life. 

I look forward to welcoming your child to The Secret Garden!

With Best Wishes,

Abigail Kidson

Teacher | Principal | Founder | Owner

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