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Rainbow Class 
walking age up to 3 years

The Rainbow class for toddlers from walking age and up to 3 years, is the very young child’s home away from home. In this class, children will experience a gentle introduction to playschool, with an atmosphere of loving warmth and guidance.


A sense of pure joy and wonder are created by exposing the young child to gentle singing, rhymes, stories and finger puppets.  Movement games encourage the child to dance, jump and explore what their new bodies are capable of.


A small class ensures that children are closely supervised, and safe at all times. The rainbow class has their own beautiful garden and private playground where they can practice co-ordination, balance and movement by using the sandpit, swings and jungle gyms.

Moonlight Class
Age 3 - 4 years

Our 3 and 4-year-old Moonlight classroom is a space where the young child finds a sense of purpose in their day. The focus is on early learning foundation, while simultaneously developing the Child's social and emotional skills through creative and imaginary individual and group activities.


Children are exposed to rich language that engages the whole child through movement, songs, verses and stories which create and develop their interest and curiosity. Healthy cognitive development is bolstered by activities which transform the child’s sensory experiences into knowledge of themselves and the world around them.


With improved coordination and thinking, the world begins to open up for children of this age group. The Moonlight class program encourages learning step by step, and a small class ensures that your child receives individual attention suited to their unique needs.

Sunbeam Class
Age 4 - 5 years

In the Sunbeam class (age 4 and 5), your child will gain independence while getting ready for the transition to Grade 0(R). Our passionate teacher, Emma Robinson, will partner with you during this special time making their last years of preschool the best they can be.

The Sunbeam class is a warm and loving environment where your child will flourish through the experience of imaginary play.  Our daily program honours the child's need for connected-ness to this world, with nurturing rhythms and quality sensory experiences.  

Moonlight Class
Rainbow Class
Sunbeam Class
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Our school is made up of 3 small classes, each with activities and play time experiences specifically tailored to fit your child's age group

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