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All of our classes take part in age appropriate variants of the activities described below


Using natural watercolour paint and paper,  painting wet on wet, children embark on a unique colour experience.  

Using only  primary colours, secondary colours then unfold on the paper in front of them when these colours meet.


Children draw  using pure beeswax crayons and are given the freedom  to develop their own artistic abilities. The block shaped beeswax crayons strengthen their pencil grip and later they use high quality coloured pencils to refine their fine motor skills. 


Sewing enables the child to create beautiful crafts while developing their fine motor, hand-eye co-ordination, finger dexterity, concentration and confidence. This activity awakens the child to the sensory experiences of colour and texture.


A highly tactile experience, children have the freedom to model using their own imagination. This is a sensory experience which  promotes fine motor co-ordination and development, as well as concentration and core strength. All our playdough is homemade.

Water Play

A therapeutic activity of pure enjoyment which engages the whole being of the child and embraces all sensory experiences and possibilities. It also enhances social skills and encourages participation.


Beading/Threading is a fun activity which enhances and encourages fine motor and sensory development while embracing the child's creative use of shapes, colour, pattern and sequence.


The child receives a rewarding journey through a complete sensory experience from the beginning of baking, and finishing with the children eating what they have baked.


Music exposes the children to rhythm and beat, tuning their auditory processing. Through different instruments and song, the child is awakened to the pure enjoyment and expression of music.

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